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One year of pumping

Bring out cake, candles, streamers and booze! My pump – Englebert Pumperdinck – is a year old today. Technical he’s not, I’m not actually sure how old my pump is. But I have now been pumping for a whole year, so I imagine that amounts to pretty much the same thing. So what are my… Read More »

The joys of pump patterns

Years ago I wasn’t diabetic. I also did lots of rock climbing, was therefore relatively fit and didn’t have greying hair. In addition I was also pleasingly thin and didn’t have the layer upon layer of walrus-like blubber that now encases my repulsive Mr Creosote body. Or something like that. Since going on the pump… Read More »

Animas Vibe gains CE mark approval

The day has come! Finally there is viable competition in the integrated pump and CGM marketplace. After more than 5 years of monopoly status for Medtronic, Animas have finally gained CE mark approval for their Vibe pump with integrated Dexcom CGM. Apparently it will launch first in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. According… Read More »

A shiny new pump – the Veo

Today is my birthday and I got the second most exciting present ever. The first most exciting present arrived 4 years ago in the shape of my first ever insulin pump. What a fabulous bit of kit. You can keep your iphones, laptops, satnavs and other gizmos. For me, the most life-changingly, health improvingly, fabulous gadget… Read More »