Good diabetic? Bad diabetic?

By | 20 August, 2009
Good or bad?

Good or bad?

When I meet other people with diabetes or even just people who think they know a bit about it, they often make a judgement about my diabetes. “Oh, you’re such a good diabetic” or “you’re such a bad diabetic because you’re eating that”. Whilst my overwhelming urge is to tell them it’s my diabetes and they are only allowed to make judgements about it if they take it away from me and live with it for a day, it did get me thinking.

What kind of diabetic am I?

  • My HbA1c is great and has been ever since I got my pump – good diabetic
  • I use a pump – in some peoples’ eyes this makes me a bad diabetic because they’re expensive so I’m a drain on resources. I’m often tempted to poke these people in the eye whilst gently explaining that I’m worth it.
  • I change my lancets on bank holidays and when the clocks go forward and back. Other than that I only change them when I realise they’re hurting – bad diabetic
  • I always change my infusion sets every 3 days and I rotate them round my body lots to avoid under the skin scarring – good diabetic
  • I attend all my annual check ups for eyes, feet, kidneys etc – good diabetic
  • I do like to whinge about having to attend all these annual check ups and about having to sort out my regular prescriptions – bad diabetic
  • Despite occasional whinging, I do try and look on the positive side of diabetes – good diabetic
  • I spend a lot of time in bare feet and have just spent 2 weeks sailing when I barely went near a pair of shoes – bad diabetic
  • I don’t keep a log book; I know it’s sensible I just hate doing it. As a child I really hated it when my Dr would look through my log book and say “Why do you think you were a 17 a week last Thursday?” I’ve been rebelling against keeping a log book since my late teens – bad diabetic
  • I like chocolate but I know how to eat it in moderation and adjust my insulin to cope with it. Some people think this makes me a bad diabetic. A man at a conference once told me I’d go blind because I was eating a chocolate brownie. I shut him up by telling him my HbAlc and was very tempted to eat a second brownie just to irritate him.
  • I blog about diabetes – thus improving my own emotional state and hopefully occasionally helping others – good diabetic

I (modestly) think I’m a good diabetic with just enough bad diabetic tendencies to make me tolerable. I do the important stuff and get the right results, but I’m very impatient with the amount of fuss involved and only do things I can see a real benefit in doing.

What about you, good or bad?

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About Alison

Diagnosed with Type One in 1983 at the age of four, Alison's been at this for a while now. She uses Humalog in a combined insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system and any blood glucose meter as long as it takes five seconds or less.

6 thoughts on “Good diabetic? Bad diabetic?

  1. Tim

    Sadly, on the whole I think I’m a good diabetic. Though really I want to be bad. Bad people are cool after all. I think I might take up smoking to redress the balance.

  2. Tom Goffe

    What a hoot, and way too close to the truth. How about when you are hospitalized for a high or a low and get the “bad diabetic” from doctors, nurses, maids, etc.? I’ve been through that twice, and the comment give me great pause when I consider whether to call the meat wagon or not. In essence, I avoid it religiously.

  3. CALpumper

    I think you are a good person. 😉

    I am human. I happen to live with Type 1.
    Some things are good, some bad.
    No more labels I say.

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  5. Philip

    Alison I think your attitude is the only way to go – good on you.
    I am 52 and off sailing the Atlantic in May – too old and too unfit really but I’d rather have the adventure than live to 100. Any tips?

    1. Alison

      Wow Philip, what an amazing trip, I’d love to hear how that goes. I’m very much a fair weather sailer so I’m in awe of an Atlantic crossing. Good luck and enjoy!


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