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Poll results – how much do you know about diabetes?

Well chaps, it’s that time of the month again – poll results time. Hurrah! As always, our highly scientific, balanced, bias-proof, carefully weighted survey has caught the mood – the Zeitgeist, if you will – of the diabetic community. The majority of people answered our question “I know… a) everything about diabetes; or b) nothing… Read More »

How much does diabetes cost?

Chatting on the Intermaweb the other day with other British diabetics, we suddenly and collectively realised that we didn’t actually have any idea how much our diabetes cost the NHS each year. Unlike some of our American friends, because of the wonders of the NHS, we’re almost completely shielded from the actual cost of our… Read More »

Why I’m a fan of the NHS

We Brits like to whinge about the NHS. It’s apparently inefficient with long waiting times and poor service. Yet despite its faults, I’m a fan. Why? Good or bad? I’ve always been generally supportive of the concept of the NHS, but this support has grown over the last few years, partly driven by greater exposure… Read More »