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National hypo awareness week

Drumroll please…this very week we’re witnessing a first. NHS Diabetes is staging its first national Hypo Awareness Week . The week was strategically placed to coincide with National Fishing Month, but to squeeze in before the ever popular European Bat Weekend at the end of August (honestly, these things exist, they’re on the interweb). The idea… Read More »

Why so low?

I’ve been low for days, this means its time for another diabetic brainstorm. I was thinking that through the power of osmosis, the athletes I was watching on the Olympics were absorbing my excess glucose from me via the TV and using it to power their own medal winning performances. But that couldn’t be right,… Read More »

Hypos are great

As we all know, one of the major features of type one diabetes is the occasional (or, indeed, frequent) hypo. No matter how well controlled your diabetes we all get the usual sweaty symptoms of joyful hypoglycaemia. Fortunately, unless you’ve really screwed up, hypos aren’t really all that bad. With a hypo it’s pretty unlikely… Read More »