Why so low?

By | 13 August, 2012
A nice, sunny day

A nice, sunny day

I’ve been low for days, this means its time for another diabetic brainstorm. I was thinking that through the power of osmosis, the athletes I was watching on the Olympics were absorbing my excess glucose from me via the TV and using it to power their own medal winning performances. But that couldn’t be right, because I was going low, but not getting thin, and surely they couldn’t steal my glucose without me losing a few pounds in the process. Sadly that hasn’t happened.

I reduced my boluses.

Then I wondered if my weekly swimming session had reduced my insulin resistance to a level where I needed to massively reduce my doses. Afterall, I had been watching what the medal winning swimmers did and tried to incorporate some of their techniques into my own amateur style. Given I could barely get out of bed after trying this, I concluded that their method may be more efficient, but mine hurts less. So any potential glucose benefits of swimming a bit harder were definitely offset by not being able to walk for days afterwards.

I reduced my basal rates.

And then I looked at my clothes. I wasn’t wearing many. And haven’t been for a few days. Summer has finally arrived! It’s warm, and insulin requirements are down as a result. If only the weather forecaster had a little syringe symbol to stick on his map when things start to warm up, I wouldn’t need to remember this stuff myself.

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