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By | 29 April, 2010
Try calculating the carbs in this lot

Try calculating the carbs in this lot

I recently discovered that if I spend long periods of time online looking at websites that contain images of carb heavy foods, my blood sugar rises. It seems that I need to take account of the carbs I’m exposed to online when calculating my insulin dosage.

Sorry, that’s complete garbage, it just sprung into my head when I wrote the title of the post and seemed a more interesting opening paragraph than “I’ve found a cool online carb counting course”.

That is what I actually wanted to say. I have found a cool (and free) e-learning course that will help you to work out how to count carbs and adjust insulin doses accordingly.  And if you’re a particularly interesting diabetic who thinks their life should include alcohol, exercise and eating out, there’s an advanced section which covers that too.

If you’ve heard people enthusing about DAFNE (Dose Adjusting for Normal Eating), BERTIE and ;

7 thoughts on “Online carb counting

  1. Tim

    Looks useful Alison; I’ll have a look at it and see if there’s anything new I can learn!

  2. Mike

    Thanks Alison

    The site looks quite comprehensive and have registered.. My consultant did mention carb counting just last week, so lets see if I can learn something!

    Go CHO, Go CHO! 🙂

  3. Caroline

    Brilliant! Sounds like just what I need. I shall go and have a look forthwith…. I’m okay with weighing stuff at home, but I really need to improve my educated guesswork when I’m out. Cheers Alison!

  4. Annette A

    That first paragraph is as valid a reason for my BG levels acting the way they do as any other reason, at times!

  5. Cecile

    Hopefully it will leave one bdec-ked with fat in the bat of an eye. Though stating up front that 10g of carbs constitute a portion, isn’t very ambitious… Americans claim it is 15g; Diabetes SA is torn in 2 with their 10-15g. (And it explains why some local breads make 3-4 slices of bread a single portion; making it possible that some slices contain no carbs at all?)

    1. Alison Post author

      I’ve never seen the point in the portion thing, I’ve always just worked in grams of carbs rather than trying to translate grams to portions. Far too complex!

  6. Tim

    Yup – I can’t do “portions” either; I just work out the number of grams and divide accordingly.


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