Infusion set change

By | 14 December, 2010

Tim’s introduction: for your fun and entertainment regular reader Stephen has documented – with pictures in glorious Technicolor(TM) – the process of an insulin pump infusion set change. Enjoy!

Stephen’s introduction: Let me start off by giving you plenty of warning about the following content. The article contains some graphic content of my hairy wobbly belly. It has been known to make women go weak at the knees (with nausea) so those with a weak ;

11 thoughts on “Infusion set change

  1. Tim

    You are demanding Mike! I’m planning a new vblog, but I’ve only got about an hour of daylight in which I can do it at the minute, so it’s proving difficult to do!

  2. Cecile

    Years of shady conjecture (about pumps & male abdomens) lit up by your bits of picturesque enlightenment…Thanks & No thank you 😉 (And I see your reunion with something from years back {vials} have made you grab for a rectangular glass of cloudy NPH?)

  3. Alison

    I would have commented earlier Stephen but I’m still swooning from the belly shots 😉

    Thanks for doing this, I’ve been meaning to for years but I don’t have the patience to document the process and I don’t fancy publishing shots of my belly/leg/bum on the internet!

    Those spare cap thingys you get with each set are for you to put on it when you disconnect to save leaving the set exposed. That’s the theory. In practice I’ve never used one yet.

    You’re not alone with the sqirming, I’ve been at this nearly 4 years and I still cringe at the clunk noise whenever I insert a set or a sensor!

  4. Stephen Post author

    Sorry for any discomfort there @alison, my wife did question the harm I might cause by putting those photos on the interweb …. she loves me really!

    Yeah the caps seem pretty useless, I think @annette ‘s use was much better (even if she insults me for complimenting them 😛 )

    The sen-serter or whatever it’s called for the CGM looks even scarier and louder to me! I’m going to try and document that after Xmas …. really want to get on with it NOW but I promised the rep I would wait 🙂 Tuesday isn’t that far I guess!

  5. Alison

    The inserter for the CGM sensor reminds me of a harpoon, but don’t let that put you off, it looks worse than it is!

  6. katherine cromwell

    Great info! Like the idea of christmas decoration usage. Do you think they’re puppy proof? Training pup at mo not to jump and pull out tubing!!!! A few choice words said at the time. Pup will learn haven’t tried squirting it with insulin yet though.

  7. Hairy Gnome

    Well, that was very enlightening. All I can say is that the benefits of using a pump must be considerable, ‘coz just reading about all that left me feeling vaguely nauseous. Not the hairy belly shots I hasten to add, at the risk of giving too much information my belly is bigger and hairier, it’s something to do with the mechanics of it all. My respect for you pumpers keeps being revised upwards! 😀

  8. Tim

    @teloz – you’re being overgenerous – sticking in a infusion set is actually a piece of piss. In fact, I prefer doing them to injections.


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