Diabetic kids take part in the Games

By | 30 August, 2012
A massive sporting trophy, yesterday

A massive sporting trophy, yesterday

The Paralympics may be big news at the moment, but this dog is chasing his tail with excitement over the snappily named East of England Paediatric Diabetic Games.

Diabetes specialist nurse, professional pancreas (she has Type 1 too) and general girl wonder Claire Pesterfield  brought together 200 children with diabetes from 17 hospitals for their own version of the Olympics. And she did it just days after spending the weekend supporting the UK team at the Junior Cup. This woman is one toy short of a dog basket,  which is a good thing, because otherwise this stuff wouldn’t happen.

The ITN news report shows that even pouring rain couldn’t stop play. Congratulations to all the kids involved, and to the organisers, you’ll sleep like I do after a long walk now this is over.

3 thoughts on “Diabetic kids take part in the Games

  1. brian

    @ Nev ‘ This woman is one toy short of a dog basket ….’
    This woman is just brilliant bringing 17 hospitals together – must have been like herding cats.

    Congratulations to Clare and all the others who helped.

  2. Tim

    Interestingly enough, despite trying not to step on the IP rights of the Olympics, the term “Games 2012” is actually a protected term under the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006. But I don’t suppose anyone cares now it’s all over. Seeing as the Games are indeed over, I can also exclusively reveal that I worked very closely with LOCOG’s brand protection team to take down loads and loads of online Games-related infringing stuff; so if you got a nasty letter from me I apologise*

    * actually, I don’t.


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