UK government to EU – “erm, are you sure?”

By | 20 October, 2011

You’ll recall Alison’s post a few week’s ago about changes to driving regulations for diabetics (it’s here if you don’t). Well, according to everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, Prime Minister David Cameron said in the House of Commons that the DVLA is going back to the EU to check their understanding of the interpretation of the minimum standard of a new Directive on the issue of driving for people with diabetes.

So watch this space – we’ll wait and see if the EU comes back with any sensible guidance. Woof!


One thought on “UK government to EU – “erm, are you sure?”

  1. Alison

    Well that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. We just need to get the right answer from the EU now!


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