The diabetic brainstorm

By | 9 December, 2010

I’ve been pondering a little mystery over the last few days. My blood sugars have been a bit weird. Not kidney frying, eye blindingly high. Just a bit higher than normal. And I seem to be absorbing carbs by osmosis, I only have to look at a mince pie and I rise. This calls for that fun activity we all love, the diabetic “what the hell’s happening now” brainstorm.

Remember the rules of brainstorm – say what comes into your head, no idea is too stupid. On that basis, my thoughts as to causes of this weirdness include:

  • Hormones – always a good place to point the finger but I don’t think so, the change is too subtle, anything hormone related is more sledgehammer like
  • Stress – not really, I’m pretty happy
  • Dodgy insulin/infusion set – changed both yesterday and saw no difference (not because I’m conscientious, just because the set was due for a change and the bottle was empty)
  • Drugs – I’m clean, other than a spoonful of insulin a day no pharmaceuticals have passed my lips
  • New moon – always a possibility
  • My pancreas has actually been doing a little bit of work for the last 27 years and has finally packed in completely – I wouldn’t put any money on that
  • Sneeky Christmas elves have installed a miniature cannula and are drip feeding me eggnog and mince pies without my knowledge – possible, I do have a cut on my hand that I thought I did making soup but could equally have been a secret miniature infusion set
  • I ran a marathon without realising and my liver is now dumping glucose into my system at a rate of knots – I can still walk so this is unlikely
  • I had pizza a week and a half ago and its still not quite out of my system – you never know with pizza, the extent of its evilness can’t be underestimated
  • Pre Christmas excitement – I admit I was thrilled when we put the tree up the other day but I don’t think I was that thrilled
  • The weather – we have only an inch of snow so I haven’t been doing much shovelling, but equally I haven’t been going out that much because of the ice. Possible.

As the brainstorm led to nothing I took the age old approach of giving up and going to bed. I awoke this morning to the winter sun streaming through the window. I dragged myself out of my warm bed and…drumroll please…I sneezed! I have a cold. Mystery solved.

11 thoughts on “The diabetic brainstorm

  1. Stephen

    Or the atmospheric pressure? Surely those few millibar increases could result in increased pressure on the tubing as such a reduced insulin delivery 😉

  2. Alison Post author

    How did I miss those two vital areas? I’m a fool, I don’t know how I’ve survived this long when I don’t routinely check the tide tables and atmospheric pressure for impact on control 😉

  3. Hairy Gnome

    Then there’s the indoor/outdoor temperature differential, relative humidity, rainfall, and the level of the water table. Not to mention the statistical likelihood of being struck by lightning, or being run over by a London bus even though you live in Liverpool. Oh… and the anniversary of the murder of John Lennon! 🙂

  4. Cecile

    It’s because too many people greet you with “Hi!”, so I’ll say “‘lo” and “bless you” and “eat satsumas” 🙂

  5. Claire

    Went though almost exactly that list on Tuesday myself – numerous correction boluses and my bg refused to budge below 11. Wednesday morning, I felt rough as a badgers – sore throat, streaming nose and a temperature – Boo! 🙁
    Back on an even keel now thanks to a temp basal of 150%… isn’t helping with the runny nose though…

  6. Annette A

    And of course, whether Jupiter is rising in Leo or Sagittarius.
    Or the chance of being run over by a duck (DUKW). [Only relevant if you’ve been to Liverpool…if not,look it up on Wikipedia.]

  7. carey

    I wouldn’t rule out subliminal messages from Judas Priest songs as the cause.

  8. Tim

    @carey – he he! Did you know that if you read Shoot Up backwards there’s a message from Alison & me telling readers not to bother testing their BG! 😀

  9. Rohan

    @Tim – That made me genuinely laugh out loud!
    Which reminds me, I should try using ‘loi’ again (Laughing on the inside), so much more correct 99% of the time!


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