DVLA to update licence form for diabetic drivers

By | 20 December, 2011

This dog was interested to read that the DVLA have listened to angry cries from diabetic types and agreed to review the driving licence application form for people with diabetes. You might remember several stroppy ShootUp writers and readers writing to their MPs about the lack of clarity in planned new regulations about what was meant by a “severe hypo”. There was concern that such a  woolly definition would lead to uncertainty about what hypos had to be declared to the DVLA and could put licences at risk.

Everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity Diabetes UK have been having a chat with the DVLA about this “As well as raising our concerns about what was meant by ‘severe’ hypoglycaemia, we provided guidance on how to improve the information given to people with diabetes and healthcare professionals about the driving licence application and renewal process.

The DVLA agreed to rewrite the forms to clarify how severe a hypo has to be before it needs to be declared, and set out a timetable for redrafting the guidance by the end of January. The DVLA also agreed to share monthly reports about how many people with diabetes are having their licences revoked.”

More detail: http://betes.co.uk/4y94f


One thought on “DVLA to update licence form for diabetic drivers

  1. brian

    I don’t think that is the end of the story. The DVLA’s Diabetes & Driving Committee needs a close dose of looking at and to justify its continued existence. The committee’s own report states that there is not a problem with the current system – so why the need to even look at it?

    The committee is a standing committee – ie meets on a regular basis regardless of the need to meet – hence the need to meddle to justify the considerable travel and accommodation expense of meeting.

    The committee needs to move to a task oriented committee ie the committee ceases to exist once the task is completed. Once another task is identified a committee of relevant members is formed.

    In these austere times the spend on this committee and its advisors cannot be justified if all they can do is meddle; with the potential to unnecessarily reduce people’s ability to earn an honest living in these already difficult times.

    Having established contact with your MPs you may wish to finish the job once and for all.


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