Edinburgh roads suddenly less safe

By | 29 June, 2011

Avid readers of your soarway Shoot Up will recall that I’ve seemingly been learning to drive for what seems like 300-odd years. I’ve burbled on about it here, here and here and, funnily enough Alison’s had a rant about it here (driving in general, not me learning to drive specifically).

Anyway, for readers who hate lengthy articles about driving tuition, you’ll be thrilled to hear that I’ve just passed my practical test this afternoon (with two minor faults), so no more drivel about driving lessons.

Now I’ll just have to follow Alison’s lead and bitch about the DVLA’s attitude to diabetics and the three year licence restrictions. Woo yay hoopla!

4 thoughts on “Edinburgh roads suddenly less safe

  1. Scott S

    Congratulations are in order, I believe! Seriously, they hand out driver’s licenses in North America (that includes Canada and Mexico, and some islands in the Caribbean in addition to the U.S., sometimes your perspective on that has seemed a bit, shall I say, distorted?) like free samples, so seeing such limitations imposed seems foreign indeed! Let’s hope Diabetes UK has some influence to change what appears to be a rather unjust policy!

  2. Mike

    have you notified the DVLA yet?? 【ツ】Oh and congrats (official aside from FB comment)


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