Got a kid with diabetes? DUK care events registration open now

By | 16 January, 2014

Diabetes UK logoThe deepest, darkest days of January are the perfect time to be planning holidays. And by sheer coincidence Diabetes UK have just launched their 2014 programme of care events for families and young people.

I gushed endlessly about the marvellousness of these events a few years ago, so if you need any convincing that meeting up with other diabetic types does wonders for families and kids, take a read

And if you’re already sold on the idea, head straight over to Diabetes UK to book your place.

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One thought on “Got a kid with diabetes? DUK care events registration open now

  1. Dave

    +1 for the wonderfullness of the care events.

    Any opportunity to mix with people your age who just sort of ‘get it’ has to be a good thing. And raging hormones for the teenaged events adds to the fun 🙂


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