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Diabetes Week – let’s talk

Fame at last. Like all good things – sausages, vegetarians, homeopathy and compost are amongst the terrifying collection of “awareness weeks” listed in the UK – we diabetics have our own week. And it’s now. My initial assumption was this week meant it was obligatory for all those with a working pancreas to live the… Read More »

A collection of cures

It’s been a busy week in the “lets tease those pancreatically-challenged types by talking about cures again” department. First it appears that the place to be for a magic cure is Bristol, where they’re excited that soon they’ll be able to offer islet cell transplants to some pancreatically-challenged types. There’s a convenient lack of any mention… Read More »

I seem to be a rare breed

Diabetes is in my life everyday – living with it, blogging about it, speaking to other people with it. That makes it a bit hard to get it into perspective. Some numbers about the pancreatically challenged masses in the UK may help, all shamelessly cribbed from Diabetes UK’s latest impact report (apart from the panda bit,… Read More »

Diabetes Week announced

Everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, has announced plans for this year’s Diabetes Week. Diabetes Week is Diabetes UK’s annual UK-wide awareness and fundraising week which runs from 13 to 19 June 2010 and promises a roller-coaster ride of pancreas-related thrills and spills. DUK have said that this year will focus on dispelling some… Read More »