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    Let’s compare macho war stories of our highest and lowest ever recorded blood glucose readings

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    I don’t know my diagnosis one as I was two years old, but in regular play …

    Lowest – Shade under 2 (The first time I found out the heat makes me low ….)
    Highest – Shade under 35 (I was 12 and decided I wasn’t going to do my insulin any more ….. 36 hours later and I decided it wasn’t a good idea!)

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    44mmol when 1st diagnosed so my sister said and yes I was in a coma.
    1.2 mmol when assisting on a hypo/heart study at the hospital. I felt pretty crap as though all my organs were about to fail. I found out how low I was only after the consultant shouted turn the insulin drip off NOW. Oops!

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    Lowest – 1.6 > after an early post-diagnosis cock up
    Highest – 18 > not very impressive, sorry. Though I don’t know what I was pre-diagnosis, I guestimate up in the 20s somewhere

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    Annette A

    Lowest: 1.2 Scarily, all I felt was suddenly very tired. No idea why it happened (in the car on the way to visir my in-laws).
    Highest: Back in the days when I actually got that high, my machine just went ‘HI’ when it went past 22. So HI it is. Haven’t been over 19.2 since (and that was when attempting to get my head around how to sort out basals when i got my pump.)

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    Highest: When carted in (comatose) at diagnosis, >40…meter wasn’t capable of moving past middle age.
    Lowest: 1.5…sometime during the day, feeling fit as fiddle; but after overnight tantrums, I’ve woken up in the morning with mouthful of glucose & Jelly Tots and then been 2 point something, feeling much worse.

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    Hairy Gnome

    Highest was 26 mmol/l when diagnosed, lowest was 2.3 mmol/l, the closest I’ve ever come to a hypo, it made me feel a bit shaky I have to confess.

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    Highest was 40-something when diagnosed 23 years ago, felt awful for weeks and the final straw for my mum was when I lost over a stone in weight in a week. In hosp that night they told my parents if I hadn’t been admitted I’d have died in the next 48 hours…. nice!

    I had plenty of HI readings on my meter when I actually bothered to test at uni (thought if I ignored diabetes it would go away… it didn’t!) and recently had a 34, 3 days after going on the pump when the cannula didn’t insert properly.
    Scarily only the diagnosis one gave me any real symtoms other than just being ‘a bit thirsty’. :-(

    Lowest and still concious, was 1.2, sat at my desk in work, things looked a bit blurry on my screen and I felt a bit tired! Not good. Other times I can be 3.9 and have a full on cold sweat, blurred vision and the shakes.

    I’ve been unconcious and low but never known how low – just woken up (only ever happened at night/early morning) to find 2 blokes in green jumpsuits standing over the bed with a flashing blue-lighted van outside, a very concerned looking boyfriend and a glucose drip in my arm :-( Last one of those was about 4 years ago and I don’t fancy another one thanks.

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    Wow, I can top everyone’s highest so far, I think! Don;t think I should be proud of it, but my diagnosis high was 56! I blame my method of fixing the symptoms by changing from drinking pints of water (which I quickly got bored of) to pints of fruit juice! How I laughed when I realised that had made it worse, not better…

    My lowest is 1.7, weirdly didn’t feel that hypo until I ate the first glucose tablet (quickly followed by the rest of the packet, and a variety of high energy snacks chowed down in a panic!).

    I have had a couple of ‘HI’ readings on my meter – anything over 33.3 for me – since diagnosis…

    Oh, and my diabetic friend trumps us all for a high – he passed out from it pre-diagnosis, was over 100! :O

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    Lowest recorded is 2.0, but I’ve probably been lower considering I’ve had a few seizures.
    Highest, not a clue really, all I know is it was over 33 before diagnosis (that’s as high as the meter I used when I suspected would read)

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    I had to convert since most people in the US use mg/dl, but my highest was 43 (when I was diagnosed at 16, semi-conscious, rushed to the ER). My low was last night and my husband checked it because I had blacked out was less than 1 (my meter won’t read lower than 1 (18mg/dl) – it just displays “LOW”). Usually I can get lows down to 1.5 and still function enough to get sugar. Unfortunately this episode happened at night while sleeping.

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    @ghadah76 – Welcome to Shoot Up Ghadah! There’s a handy-dandy blood glucose converter I did over on the right hand side of the page which you can use to covert Brit units to Yanky units (and vice versa). This might be useful if you want to know what the hell we’re on about :-)

    Anyway, those are pretty ouch! readings!

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