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      Hairy Gnome

      It appears that the pancreatically challenged hordes are costing the NHS too much! Not so much you cheapo T1s, but us damned, greedy, grasping T2s :P. Read all about it: here:

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      Annette A

      Yes, its absolutely disgraceful, you T2s expecting to be given drugs to actually manage your condiditons, rather than crawling away to a corner to slowly gasp out your dying days, before being taken in to hospital to ultimately cost the NHS many more millions in treating your complications. How selfish of you all!
      When I read: ‘findings suggested that national guidelines are not being followed.’ my inital reaction was to yell at the compter (which does get alot of abuse, I admit) ‘then maybe the national guidelines are wrong!’

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      Annette A

      (and no, I can’t spell ‘conditions’ right the first time, any time :-) )

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      I wonder if anyone’s calculated the long term savings of not having so many people on dialysis, etc., because of better care earlier in the diabetes cycle.

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