Going blue for WDD

By | 14 November, 2009

And while Tim is tinkering and tippling his way through WDD, I thought I’d follow Cherise’s lead and go blue in time for the Diabetes UK North West Family Event today.

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About Alison

Diagnosed with Type One in 1983 at the age of four, Alison's been at this for a while now. She uses Humalog in a combined insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system and any blood glucose meter as long as it takes five seconds or less.

8 thoughts on “Going blue for WDD

  1. Mike

    I thought for a minute that it was you but then I noticed the pump! (How to kick a man when he is down eh!)

  2. Mike

    Someone please pass me the biggest shovel you have!!!!! 🙂
    I’m digging as we speak..

    Love your hands Alison… xxxxx grovel xxxxx

  3. Mike

    Oh yes.. After a series of lows that were so low they were bellowing like Barry White, I have learned my lesson!!

    Well for the time being! 😉


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