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The Security Sweepstake

Tomorrow I’m flying to France. (To clarify for the benefit of our many pedantic readers, technically I’m not going to be the one doing the flying, I’ll be sitting on an aircraft (probably an Airbus A320) which will be the one doing the flying. I have a few talents but the ability to soar through… Read More »

Diabetic Terrorists

Before we get on to the main article suggested by the intentionally provocative headline, first things first – happy New Year to all our beloved readers. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas (or equivalent winter-based festival) and a fab Hogmanay. I certainly did; hurrah! Anyway, avid reader Rachel brought my attention to this… Read More »

Diabetic terrorism

I was recently reminiscing about my childhood with some friends. I grew up in Northern Ireland during the 1980’s amidst the chucklefest that was The Troubles. I usually say we lived in Belfast, but in fact we lived in the leafy suburbs of Cultra – which, as anyone who knows the area will attest, is… Read More »