Weeks 24-26: almost like a holiday

By | 7 February, 2013
Babies, en masse, yesteryear

Babies, en masse, yesteryear

As we hurtle towards the end of the second trimester things seem to be going well (she says touching wood, holding a lucky rabbit’s foot and looking round wildly for a leprechaun).

Insulin requirements are creeping up pretty continuously now and I’m adjusting basals and carb ratios a couple of times a week to keep up. Something interesting is happening in the early hours of the morning – for the last 6 years one constant for me has been that I need less insulin between 2.30 and 5.30am otherwise I go low. Now I’m finding I need more insulin at that time than either before or after it for the first time ever. I assume the baby is sneaking out to the shops and getting some form of delayed midnight feast that requires extra insulin to deal with.

Carbs are an interesting experience. In the naivety of pre pregnancy idealism I’d imagined that I may eat a slightly lower carb diet in pregnancy to help avoid post meal spikes. In my dreams. My body has the view that if it doesn’t have carbs in it, I’m not really that interested in eating in. I could live quite happily off toast, fruit and cereal if left to eat just what I fancied. So, using the excellent all round get out clause of “the baby must need them, that’s why I want them so much” I’m eating as many carbs as normal and getting used to bolusing in volume. 3 units for an apple anyone?

Through the luck of good scheduling I’ve had 2 clear weeks with no hospital appointments. I feel a bit like I’ve been on holiday, I can’t tell you how nice it’s been just to be left alone for a while. Normal service resumes next week with a scan, antenatal, diabetes clinic and breastfeeding classes. Pray for our souls.

In non-diabetes news, the dreaded heartburn has started to set in at night. A quick swig of Gaviscon calms things down. Never having had the joys of heartburn before I’m new to this wonder substance. Every time I take it I’m left wondering what made them sit down in a meeting and decide, I know, let’s make something that has the consistency of peppermint flavoured phlegm. It works a treat, but it makes me want to gag.

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6 thoughts on “Weeks 24-26: almost like a holiday

  1. Annette A

    Ever tried the Aniseed flavoured Gaviscon? ‘Well, some people can take the Peppermint flavoured one without gagging. We have to try harder. How about Aniseed?’ I find the Cool mint one the best of a bad lot.
    Toast, fruit and cereal diet. I’d go for that (and I’m not pregnant). As long as I can have peanut butter on my toast.

  2. Tim

    I don’t mind Gaviscon – I swig it out of the bottle rather than measuring it out! I find it’s more palatable if it’s cold, rather than room-temperature. .

    1. Alison Post author

      Are there people who actually bother to dirty a spoon rather than swig? No doubt they’ll all come out now to be appalled at our lack of hygiene and etiquette 😉 It’s the consistency that makes me hate it, although I’ll agree cold phlegm is marginally more palatable than room temp phlegm.

  3. lady up north

    I find that Gaviscon is so unpleasant to swallow that I just can’t tolerate it. When I had the pregnancy heartburn thing I was prescribed Magnesium Tricylicate. Its a white liquid which you swallow with water (dollop in glass, add water, wiggle about, swallow). Tastes much better and is not phlegmy at all. And can be bougth over the counter at chemists.


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