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Insulin pump roadshow: this Saturday 19 May, Chester

INPUT are holding another of their marvellous insulin pump exhibitions, and this time they’re heading up north to Chester. If you want to know more about what insulin pumps do, see what’s on the market, find out about how to get funding, or just meet some people who use pumps, pop in. I’ll be there, indulging… Read More »

Calling all diabetic sporty types

Playing at being a pancreas while exercising can be a bit of a faff. It’s so easy to end up snaffling carbs like a squirrel preparing for hibernation to try and prevent a mid swim low. Or make a fool of yourself by going hypo in the middle of a football match. Or get carried away… Read More »

Curse of the ShootUp meet up is broken

We’ve done it. We’ve broken the curse of the ShootUp meet up. Tim and I live several hundred miles apart, so we only get to see each other a couple of times a year at most. Whenever Geoff and I meet Tim and the lovely Katie we have a great time. But we have to… Read More »

Insulin pump roadshow – Luton, this Saturday 14 April

If you’re nearer to Luton than Liverpool this Saturday, you can sooth the disappointment of not being able to make the ShootUp meet up by going along to the INPUT insulin pump exhibition at the Hilton Garden Inn, Luton. They’ve got the top insulin pump manufacturers there, plus real life people who actually use pumps, to answer all your questions about… Read More »