Lothian Diabetes Representative Group annual conference

By | 17 October, 2012

It’s that time of year again. The leaves turn brown, the rain sets in and the Lothian Diabetes Representative Group has their annual conference in Edinburgh.This year it will be held at the Craiglockhart Campus of Edinburgh Napier University on Saturday 27th October. It’s usually quite an interesting mix of talks, workshops and gossip. There’s also a halfway reasonable lunch chucked in as part of the £10 entrance fee.

Anyway, I’ll be there; so if you’re around Edinburgh then drop in and I’ll see you there. More details on the day and how to book is in the PDF document down there (*points downward and slightly to the left)

LDRG Conference programme 2012 [PDF]

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Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Abbott's Libre flash glucose monitor.

6 thoughts on “Lothian Diabetes Representative Group annual conference

  1. Tim Post author

    Despite what I said up there, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come along this Saturday. I’m sure the event will be all the better for that!

  2. Melissa

    “halfway reasonable lunch” – You misled me! I was stuck with 2 small rolls & some lettuce. YUM.

    I was at this today. Very, very depressing atmosphere. Be glad you never went Tim!

    1. Tim Post author

      @mils – that good was it? Why was it so depressing?

      As for lunch – hmm, sounds like its gone downhill. Maybe that was why everyone was so depressed.

      1. Melissa

        Just the general feeling of the place. Everyone seemed to be moaning about something or other. So I joined in and moaned about them 🙂

        1. Tim Post author

          Isn’t that just every diabetes meet up in the world ever? I imagine that when Leonard Thompson and Fred Banting had the first ever diabetes meet up, young Leonard moaned about the quality of the insulin and Banting moaned about these irritating diabetes patients who now had the strength to do things like sit up or move…


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