Abbott to apply for .dot abbott

By | 13 June, 2012
The Internet - as seen with frickin' laser beams!

The Internet – as seen with frickin’ laser beams!

Yet again the crazy worlds of diabetes and Internet intellectual property have collided. Those that care about such things (a very small minority if we’re honest) will be interested to learn that everyone’s second favourite pharma company Abbott has today applied for the new top level domain name .dot abbott.

So instead of having a web address like they will able to to have something like

This will make no difference to diabetics whatsoever but if you want to read their application, you can do so here:

One thought on “Abbott to apply for .dot abbott

  1. Tim

    Cor! You certainly know your stuff about Internet intellectual property Neville! 🙂 You might also be interested to hear that Eli Lilly have gone for .dot LILLY


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