LDRG diabetes conference

By | 24 September, 2010

It’s that time of year again – if you happen to be diabetic and live in the Lothians, then LDRG diabetes conference is where all the cool kids will be hanging out at the end of October. I went last year and wrote up a brief review http://www.shootuporputup.co.uk/2009/11/ldrg-diabetes-conference/ and a good time was had by all.

If you fancy going this year then download the PDF booking form from the bottom of this post. Also why not drop me an email and we can have in impromptu Shoot Up meet up, have a coffee and give the meter reps a hard time. What fun!

Registration Form Diabetes Patient and Carer 2010

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About Tim

Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Abbott's Libre flash glucose monitor.

5 thoughts on “LDRG diabetes conference

  1. katherine cromwell

    I think you should go on tour Tim. You could come and visit us all around the U.K and for those further afield perhaps organize a coach party. Can you imagine ten-to-twenty diabetics with pumps meters and needles getting through customs!

  2. aileen

    Sorry won’t make it over this year Tim, it was a good day last year and well worth going to. I’m off to The FFL conference in Windsor and will have the pleasure of seeing Lesley instead of you!


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