Metal box to cure diabetes

By | 17 September, 2010

From that bastion of accurate medical reporting – The Daily Express – comes news that “a metal pancreas could offer new hope to diabetes patients, it emerged yesterday.”

This dog thinks it sounds quite promising, but only in an academic interest sort of way,  and so is not getting excited. In fact, I’m back off to my basket for a snooze. Woof!

Original article:

Diabetes UK’s take on it:

5 thoughts on “Metal box to cure diabetes

  1. katherine cromwell

    I don’t fancy a metal pancreas … explain that one whilst going through customs! at least you can take the pump off going through x-ray machines.

  2. katherine cromwell

    I just want a solution to testing my blood 4+ times a day without getting sore fingers money spent on that would be a god send for me.

  3. Cecile

    Just get Dr. Joan to sell her gel to the pump companies, so that they can besmear the front bits of their cannulas with it – no need for implanted boxes. (And I guess The Daily Express thought that printing a photo of a 0.5ml syringe with microfine needle/insulin pen with the same wouldn’t pack the same visual punch…though Shoot Up’s icon is guilty of it too :D)


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