Poll: what’s your favourite hypo cure?

By | 19 July, 2018
Tonnes of sugar, yesterday

Tonnes of sugar, yesterday

Regular readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will know that I – Pippa the Polecat – put up a new poll asking for your views about different aspects of living with diabetes on a very regular, scheduled monthly basis.

Anyone who says that Tim (sorry, Pippa!) forgets about the poll, can’t think of a new poll, procrastinates a bit, finally thinks of a new poll, forgets about it again, then finally bungs something up is spreading Fake News! Fake news! Sad!

Anyway, last month (*cough*) we asked “How do you react when people ask about your diabetes?

Clearly you’re a nonchalant bunch, as “Shrug and say “it’s nothing”” romped in in first place with a whopping 44% of the vote. Next up were the representatives of the more militant diabetes movements with the somewhat aggressive “Dare them, just dare them, to say anything inaccurate about diabetes” with 25% of the vote.

My personal preference “Get out PowerPoint presentation and start to lecture on differences between T1 & T2” came in in third place with 21% of the vote, which is fair enough. After all, a fantastic way of getting people to leave you alone and not ask stupid questions is to bore them to death.

Limping in at the bottom were “Burst our crying at the unfairness of having an incurable chronic condition” with 8% and simple denial that you even have diabetes in the first place coming in bottom with 2% of the vote.

So there we have it; once again our very scientific poll shows that quite a few of us are pretty confident in responding to people who ask about our wonky pancreases. Go us!

This month’s poll concerns your preferences for curing those annoying hypos and you can exercise your democratic right to cast your vote down below:

What's your favourite hypo cure?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: what’s your favourite hypo cure?

  1. Dave Sowerby

    I may vote three times as I reckon one time out of three I adopt the cross fingers and ignore it treatment.

  2. Tim

    I was thinking of adding “All of the above” and “None of the above” options. “All of the above” seems relevant when scoffing everything in sight when I’m super-low (even though you *know* you’re going to go sky high in an hour or so…)


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