Poll: How often do you meet up with other diabetics?

By | 22 October, 2012
Some diabetics meeting, yesterday

Some diabetics meeting, yesterday

Achtung! It’s poll results time! Last month we asked you “How often do you meet up with other diabetics?” and the results show that in terms of diabetes you’re an anti-social lot.

46% of respondents said that they’d never met up with any other diabetics. Which is quite a a large proportion really. I always say that you learn the same amount from a GP in a year as you do with a Specialist Nurse in a week as you do with another diabetic in a hour. So if you have a local group that seems quite nice then why not go along and see if it’s useful. If not, why not set up your own group. It’s ludicrously easy and I’ve found every meet up I’ve ever been to really, really useful. So there.

All is not lost, however, as I note the super-anti-social response – I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than meet diabetics – met with a lowly 9% of the vote. So there’s hope for diabetes groups yet.

Anyway, this month we ask “Aside from routine appointments, how many times have you been hospitalised as a result of diabetes?” Vote down there (if you’re on the front page) or over there to the right (if you’re on any other page).

Those results in full:

How often do you meet up with other diabetics?

I’ve never met up with other diabetics > 46%
From time to time > 25%
Quite frequently > 11%
Very frequently > 9%
I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than meet diabetics > 9%

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9 thoughts on “Poll: How often do you meet up with other diabetics?

  1. Paul

    @tim how difficult is it to make it a five topic poll?

    “Never, I just keep snapping (or trying to bite) the paramedics until they leave me alone”

    1. Tim Post author

      Always happy to please our readers*, I’ve added this option just for you Paul.

      * may contain lies.

      1. Paul

        Cheers tim, the totally unrelated order to stripykat is in the post… (Erm. Email I guess!) 🙂

  2. Annette A

    I’ve decided to go with the statute of limitations thingy (whatever it is and whatever you do with it) and ignore the times I was hospitalised as a kid (several times, about once a year for a while) and just answer for my adult diabetes life.

    1. Alison

      I was pondering that too @annette. I’ve never been hospitalised for diabetes as an adult, but in those first few years after diagnosis as a child it sometimes felt like my second home!

    1. Tim Post author

      Nah, I think it should go from a month or two post-diagnosis. I should have defined the question more carefully, given it’s such a carefully conducted study…!


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