Poll results – diabetes frustration

By | 23 July, 2010


Hello, good evening and welcome to the results of the (approximately) monthly soaraway Shoot Up poll. Last month we asked what frustrates you most about diabetes?

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, with 34% of the vote came “the utter illogicality of it all”. I think we’ve all had days where  we’ve filed to take into account the phase of the moon, the turn of the tides, the wind direction or the myriad other unrelated things that seem to randomly effect our blood glucose levels. Bah!

The lack of cure ever coming our way came out second with 22% of the vote. I know that there might indeed be a cure within our lifetimes, but like most people I’m not really banking on it. Depends on what you mean by “cure” as well I suppose, but that’s a discussion for the forums I guess.

Hypos also scored well, with 17% of the vote. Pesky things! Healthcare professionals may be dismayed to hear that, yet again, they score well / badly (delete as applicable depending on your point of view). Finally, the “I love diabetes” option only scored one vote – and that was just Terry taking the piss.

So there we have it – the randomness of diabetes is clearly our biggest bugbear.

Moving on; this month’s poll was kindly suggested by Annette. Given that she demands new options each month it seemed easier to cut out the middleman and ask her to write the whole poll from scratch. I feel we saved ourselves a lot of effort. Anyway Annette asks what aspects of the day-to-day ‘running’ of your diabetes causes most hassle?

  • Regular injections (or cannula changes for pumpers)
  • Regular blood tests
  • Carb counting
  • Clinic appointments
  • Blood taking for clinic appointments
  • Dealing with non-diabetics’ reaction to any of the above
  • I have no hassles (option for Terry)

Exercise your mouse finger and click your favorite option over the right. Go on, you know you want to. 

Last month’s results in full:

  • Sometimes the utter illogicality of it all (34%)
  • No cure, ever (22%)
  • Hypos (17%)
  • Healthcare professionals (11%)
  • Hypers (8%)
  • Lack of equipment (7%)
  • Nothing, I love diabetes (1%)

9 thoughts on “Poll results – diabetes frustration

  1. Angie

    I have to say personally that Cab counting has always been a particular difficult part of my daily diabetes routine. There’s never one when you want one, and then three come along at once, and then you have to take account of black cabs, and private taxis, and it’s all a bit much sometimes!

    Carb counting, on the other hand, isn’t as much of a bother…

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! :P)

  2. Tim

    Bah! I blame @annette – I just cut and pasted it from her email. Honest!

    (At least we didn’t say crab counting…)

  3. Tim

    Sorry all – I’ve corrected the poll and updated the article; so @angie was the only one who had the opportunity to take the piss. 😉

  4. Tim

    We work our fingers to the bone, writing articles, reviewing stuff and replying to comments; and all we get in return is meanness and cruel remarks. *sob* :’-(

  5. Annette A

    Yeah, I’d blame me too :-p
    You’d have to count alot of crabs before there was enough carbs to bolus/inject for….

  6. Hairy Gnome

    After @annette has been kind enough to provide me with an option all of my own, how could I resist it? Mind you, if ‘self testing’ had been included as an option I would probably have gone for that.

    Since I’ve changed my pen needles my injections are mostly painless, I’m used to the blood tests now, it doesn’t even bother me when Nursie has to have three or four goes to find a vein and ends up sticking needles in the backs of my hands. I generally end up explaining things to non-diabetics if they ask, but I’m really not bothered. As for the crabs, I don’t care, I just keep banging in loads of insulin and hope the little buggers go away!

    Poor @Tim, they’re so cruel to you matey, but I’ll give you a cuddle and let you cry on my shoulder if it’ll make you feel better… 😉

  7. Lesley

    Can you add an option for “the incessant nature of it all”?


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