• Excellent video and thank you for posting! Please do more of them. (And, yes, I am trying to get caught up on all my reading!)

  • Personally, I would raise a toast to myself for being so damned patient. 18 months… bah! 😀

  • Tim, the only advice I can give is to closely monitor your glucose levels for the 24 hours. That way you’ll have a baseline to work with and can make adjustments as necessary. Also, don’t panic in the early morning hours if your pump gets more cozy than Katie. That damned tubing can create quite […]

  • Seedy? Ah, well…alcohol was involved and thankfully Youtube wasn’t invented yet. I vaguely remember scented candles, but I digress… 😀

  • “With a hypo it’s pretty unlikely you will end up frothing at the mouth, fitting wildly or waking up in an unknown, anonymous motel room clutching an axe covered in your victims’ blood.” This is a bad thing, right? 😀 Actually, I do have a motel room experience while being hypo, but we won’t discuss […]

  • Well…are you going to register? I’m sure the researchers would find you a very interesting test subject! 🙂

  • As part of of our ongoing series , type one diabetic Mark Mansheim describes a typical day: ———- I begin my day at 6 am with a gentle wake up from my wife.  She is very aware that if my blood sugar is too low, e.g. if I’m not responsive, she immediately gives me sugar.  I generally take a sports […]