I must have an honest face

By | 14 May, 2009
Cabs in the Big Apple

Cabs in the Big Apple

Tim is still on his hols which means I’m still dreaming about holidays and reminiscing happily about previous travel adventures.The honest one and the shifty one at the Top of the Rock

Tim and Katie are spending some time in New York so I wanted to offer them a bit of advice. When we went to the big apple we decided to go up to the top of the Rockefeller Centre for a view of the city.

Security was understandably tight with bags being x-rayed and people walking through metal detectors. As usual, the husband was virtually strip searched (he must have a shifty look about him). I started to walk through the metal detector when they spotted my pump.

We went through the usual routine. The security guard politely asked me to remove my cell phone. I explained it was an insulin pump. He asked me to “step this way please madam”. I was expecting to be manually searched but he just walked me round the back of the metal detector and waved me through, no metal detector, no search, nothing.

Security check over.

So I then got to stand there for the next 5 minutes while the husband was interrogated and searched. It appears the easiest way to get to the top of the Rockefeller Centre is to be a diabetic with an honest face and a shifty looking husband!

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