Diabetics are revolting

By | 7 August, 2009

I noticed a recent article in the soaraway Australian rag The Brisbane Times that there has been a recent and violent schism between ;

7 thoughts on “Diabetics are revolting

  1. Mark

    Bravo my friend! Nothing good ever happens with splinter groups; all they become are bickering slobs waiting for something “good” to happen. You may need a powerful flashlight to guide their heads out of their bums.

  2. CALpumper

    Well said Tim. Whoa, I haven’t been on in a bit, sorry….nice pic. 😉

    WDD, IDF:
    Too large can be just that too.

    It’s a tough call to arms we PWDs face. And Mark is right, the smaller groups, local ADA offices (within each state, a county, city, town) for example, it gets Messy.

  3. Ckoei

    “Ex Unitate Vires” (Unity is Strength), a rallying bit of excrement from the racist dunghill of South Africa. But strength is indeed needed to lobby for hip&modern insulin and test strips galore (never mind pumps,5×28 needles,10×28 lancets, etc.) So here I go, to the United Democratic? Front door of diabetessa.co.za and is restrained by Google, with a screech of “contains malware!”

    Has “Diabetes Australia” blacklisted “Diabetes South Australia”, so that South Africans can only visit diabetessa.com.au (and do I now need a plane ticket to fly to Australia to view diabetessa.co.za?)

  4. Tim

    Ah, diabetessa.co.za uses horrible Java – so it’ll probably be blocked by over-cautious blockers. Doesn’t look like you’re missing much though…

    (and do I now need a plane ticket to fly to Australia to view diabetessa.co.za?)

    Hmm, try getting funding for that…

  5. Tim

    @CALpumper Yeah, the thing we need to do now is for all us small minority of diabetes bloggers to start infighting and bitching about each other. I’ve already started – about all of you above! 😉

  6. Ckoei

    @Tim How revolting of you to call us “revolting”! I need advice on how to block my overcautious blockers (Chrome? AVAST?) (to see how much I’m not missing. . .I thought they may have some insider information on how to get glucose tablets, en masse, but I have a nasty suspicion I’m only going to be offered Manna)


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