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      If you could have a diabetes related wish for a day a la Tom Hanks in Big what would you ask the Zoltar wish machine for?

      Would it be something denied us like being an astronaut ( do the DVLA cover space travel) or maybe a juggernaut driver. Or would it be a day without hypos, a family bag of Maltesers and no thoughts of a bolus.

      I wished out loud for a day off from diabetes this morning, nothing actually happened, but if it had I just wondered what I would have done differently with my day. Am I so used to living with it that I would have carried on testing, carb counting and generally worrying about making it through 24 hours safely or would I even have missed it?

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      I wrote an article about your last paragraph here: https://www.shootuporputup.co.uk/2010/08/the-problem-with-a-cure/. It took ages after going onto the pump not to think “ah, 7.30pm – lantus time!”

      If we’re not allowed to wish for “complete cure of diabetes”, I would wish for “100% correct basal rate settings on my pump” for a day. I would then quickly note all the settings down and re-use them the next day when the wish wore off.

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      I’d settle for just an easy day. Let my carb counting be accurate, my carb/bolus ratios spot on, my basal rates a work of brilliance and my body in cooperative mode, not throwing in any side balls from the liver, hormones etc. That way, I’ll have a day free of diabetes worry.

      I was the same as Tim, when I started on the pump I kept waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking I’d forgotten to take my Lantus!

      I would also quite like to be an astronaut.

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      Annette A

      Now if I got a record of 100% correct basal rate settings, then tried to use them the following day, they wouldnt be 100% correct, because the day would be a different one (different weather/activity levels/stress/hormones/things I’d eaten/tidal range/phase of the moon/you name it).
      When I started on the pump, I dont think I thought about lantus once. I kept thinking I’d forgotten to bring my insulin pens when we went out though…
      I’d go with @alison – an easy day with no thought/worry.
      Never fancied being an astronaut – my ears hurt too much when I fly – the thought of blasting off into space doesnt bear thinking about :-)

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      @annette – I was thinking that as I typed the above, but thought I would skip over minor points like fluctuations! ;-)

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      Relatively boring & simple for me, a day where:

      A. None of my blood tests hurt
      B. The right amount of blood comes out on tests (no dabbing excess hygienically onto my jeans)
      C. No black dots on my fingers & desensitised fingers from tests.
      D. No sudden thud from finger pricker which makes my mind believe it hurts more than it did (an apathetic sigh would work for me)

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      Not to sound like I’m jumping on the band wagon here but I think the day of perfect readings and then noting down how I did it would be top of the wish list :)

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      Dear Zoltar wish machine, I’d like to spend the amount {I could’ve saved on the money market if I’d not spent that sum on strips each month} in a day…in British terms I’ll be capable of buying a used Caterpillar excavator of +/- £23666 :D

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