Video blogs – CGMS and Edinburgh

By | 26 February, 2011

In this video blog, Tim & Alison talk about Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. Woo!

And as a special bonus video blog, Tim & Alison say nothing of any import while standing in front of Edinburgh Castle. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Video blogs – CGMS and Edinburgh

  1. Michael

    Not a waste of time… Love the castle! Thanks for the great CGM info, too!

  2. Cecile

    Shameless quackery…I’m going to alert Ben Goldacre 😉 (and @alison, for the sake of your Elocution, you’re in need of a CEMS , ’cause you make “shoot” sound like “sheep” :))

  3. Tim Post author

    Re: Edinburgh video – there was an incredibly noisy train going past in the background there too, sorry about that…

  4. Mike

    @tim and @alison – I must admit to having a little snigger to myself when you mentioned how cold you both were! Sorry! 【ツ】

  5. Alison

    @mikeinspain I don’t think it even comes across quite how bitterly cold it was there, it’s a damn inhospitable place that Edinburgh (apart from the people of course 😉 ), Spain is definitely the prefered spot for the next meet up!

  6. Tim Post author

    It’s not *that* cold @Alison! And, anyway, we were only outside long enough to film that and to walk back along Princess Street to the pub!

  7. Alison

    @Tim It was *that* cold, the video doesn’t do it justice. Although I do admit, the time spent outside of a pub was minimal.

    @ckoei I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to start taking elocution lessons from a South African 😉

  8. lizz

    Has anyone noticed the similarity between Tim’s expression outside in Edinburgh and Brett Ryan Stewart’s just below on the home page?

    Should we be worried?


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