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      I’m toying with making up an archive / timeline of diabetes equipment over the years. Why? Why not.

      Being a young whipper-snapper to diabetes, my oldest meter is a mere five years old. So if you have some old equipment hanging about then could you take a good high-resolution picture of it and email it to me at with some notes on what the heck it is and when it was used.

      It might be fun, it might be misery; but until we do it we’ll never find out.

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      Looking back I wish I’d kept the kit.

      Special fond memories of the blue BM Stick machine that guaranteed to throw an error everytime I used it even after I’d sacrificed half a hands worth of blood and waiting 2 minutes.

      I’ll try to find the ‘gun’ this weekend.

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      I’ll have to consult the parents, I suspect there may be a secret stash of it all hidden away in their loft somewhere.

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