Medtronic trial says pumps & CGM better than injections

By | 17 July, 2010

From: Medtronic

STAR 3 trial clinically validates the Medtronic integrated system

STAR 3 is a multicenter, randomized controlled trial that compared Medtronic’s sensor-augmented insulin pump (an integrated system using an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and therapy management software) to multiple daily injections (MDI). The data showed a statistically significant improvement in A1C across the age spectrum (adults, teens, and children) without increasing severe hypoglycemia.

2 thoughts on “Medtronic trial says pumps & CGM better than injections

  1. Jay

    One wonders how this system compares with regular pump therapy. Seems to me that would be a better comparison…

    1. Mike

      @jay451 You are most likely 100% correct, however I would imagine that there focus is to get people who are not currently pumping to consider pumping or better still use medtronic devices. 【ツ】


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