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    To kick off the new “Off Topic” section of the site, I’m going to invite anyone who plays Left4Dead2 online to join the small, but growing Shoot Up zombocalypse group. Just add me – user name “splorp” as friend on Steam and we’ll go from there.

    If you have no idea what the hell I’m going on about, then as an alternative topic, what’s the best way of keeping orchids alive?

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    No idea about Orchids but when you find out let me know! As for Left4Dead2 if its anything like Call of Duty Black ops I’ll give it a miss.

    Glad to see your back Tim it all went rather quiet whilst you’re away. Good hols?

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    Left4Dead2 is like Black Ups, but with zombies. And axes. And more decapitations. It’s somewhat gory!

    I did have a good hols, thanks. Very, very relaxing and lovely to spend lots of quality time with the wife :-)

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    l4d2 – nup

    Welcome back.

    Orchids – my only tip for them is to remove the pesky powedery things as soon as you put them in the vase, so that when they droop a little they don’t stain everything in touching distance.

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    Dave no they’re Lillies (and I like them) apparently you can lift their pollen stain using sellotape. Orchids are those elegant flowers which don’t like water. Yes you guessed I over-watered mine.

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    Oops. Thanks Katherine. And that’s why I’m too 20th century to get a manbag. I don’t think you can beat a nice big vase of Chrysanths.

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