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    Hi all,

    My first post so be gentle. Those interested in the OmniPod system may like to know that I’ve just had NHS funding approved. I’m a West Sussex resident, treated by the SDN team at East Surrey (Redhill). Hopefully this will encourage others in the area who’d like to use the same pump. I’m happy to answer any questions from interested parties, if I can.

    My next challenge is to get funding for a Dexcom system. I’m due to attempt a 48hr two-way crossing of the Irish Sea by stand-up-paddle board next year, so reckon a spot of CGM is called for. Any tips from those who’ve secured funding for same would be appreciated.

    All the best… Pete.

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    Welcome @Pete and congratulations on the pump funding, that’s brilliant news!

    CGM funding is a bit of a black art, I’d definitely start by trying to get the company to give you a free trial (for a long as possible but I did it for a week and the data from that allowed me to show some significant differences in control with and without the system). For more general stuff, take a look at this post

    Crossing the Irish Sea by stand up paddle board? On my list of reasons why I really don’t fancy that, diabetes doesn’t even make the top 100, but I can see that if you’re mad enough to do it CGM would be handy!

    Good luck!

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    Hello Pete! Welcome to Shoot Up! Congrats on the funding and, yes, as Alison says – CGM funding is a black art. Let us know how you get on.

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    Hairy Gnome

    It’s obvious why you got the funding @Pete, they must have decided that your two way crossing of the Irish Sea on a paddle board would mean they wouldn’t have to maintain it for long! A win-win situation for East Surrey, all the kudos of giving you the dosh, with the likelihood the payment may be short lived. Lmao! :)

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    Hope the Pod’s got an emergency airbag – depending on your name, you’ll sink like a stone :D

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    There’s a point; never thought to ask about pod buoyancy. Must remember to ask the rep… . Teloz: what a fantastically cynical perspective, you may well be onto something ;-)

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    Hairy Gnome

    @Pete – Politics and NHS Trusts, cynical is my middle name! :)

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    I would have thought that at least for the actual crossing CGM might be best got straight from a company, as some sort of sponsorship deal even! I’m sure they’d love to say ‘This guy used our equipment to do something ridiculous and hardcore – and lived’ :)

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    Rohan, you’re spot on with that. Advanced Therapeutics (UK distro) weren’t interested but I’ve emailed Dexcom in the US. Still waiting for a response; would say I won’t hold my breath, but that could be good training for a necessary survival skill on the attempt itself :-D

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    It’s worth a punt Pete – let us know if anyone responds with a thumbs up!

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