Review – Insulin Murders by Dr. Vincent Marks and Caroline Richmond

By | 5 June, 2009
Don't, or indeed do, judge it by its cover

Don’t, or indeed do, judge it by its cover

When I was first diagnosed a few years ago I tried my hardest to think whether there were any benefits of being insulin dependent. I hummed, I harred, I looked up learned books and journals and could find virtually none.

But then it hit me! I would now have virtually untapped access to insulin, the perfect murder weapon. Think of the havoc I could reek – old scores settled, slights avenged – revenge is, after all, a dish best served cold. Virtually undetectable in the victim, insulin would be the ideal weapon for slaughter.

Or so I thought until I read Dr. Vincent Marks’ highly interesting Insulin Murders – an exhaustive account of the most well known and notorious murders, and apparent murders, carried out through the medium of insulin.

I have to confess that true crime is not really one of my favourite genres and so I wasn’t expecting much from the book; but in fact I was pleasantly surprised by Marks’ interesting and detailed descriptions of murder most foul which avoided sensationalism and the grisly voyeurism I perhaps expected.

As an expert in diabetes and the effects of hypoglycaemia, Marks’ was often called as an expert witness in the ;

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