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      Hi I am new here.
      Been on pens just over a week. HATE IT.
      Was on beef insulin as had no warnings on synthetic, changed three years ago.
      In the three years on beef have had paramedics out twice – hypo no warning.
      Control was good up (apart from the hypos) until found out 18mths ago, that soon to be ex had done something so filed for divorce.
      Now on pens – hate the ;

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      Is it the pens you had specifically? If so can you not ask for vials and syringes if you find it easier? As for changing needles, I’m on MDI and have a minimum of 5 injections a day and more if I need corrections. I never change my needles after each dose I try and remember to change my novorapid once a day, levemir is more hit and miss and probably ends up a couple of times a week. I know that some people think this is mad but I don’t have the time or the inclination to do it more often, I just don’t tell my diabetes nurse! Also all pens are not created equal, the disposable ones are pretty light weight and the cartridge ones ;

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      Hi Lolly, I used to have five injections a day and I would only change the needle when the vial was finished. As it was only me using the needle I never had a problem. Yes I’ve seen the pictures of the needle end turning up but I always worked on the fact that if the needle didn’t hurt when it went in and out then it was fine. I’m like it with the lancet device as well! i don’t know if you can still get them but you did use to be able to have syringes drawn up for you. May be worth asking? I did have another device which was easier to hold and had a count down reminder on it from when you last injected (my memory was dreadful in the early days of looking after my 3 children under 3!) Ask your DSN what options are available to you. Let me know if you need the name of the injecting device I’ll dig it out of my archive cupboard.

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      Thanks both. It is just the amount of injections that I am against and the pen weighs a tonne so will just use the syringes if I stick with it.
      Also getting terrible mood swings on them .Stress about when and where I will inject next. Getting the reputation of being uncooperative at the clinic. Its Insumane basal and rapid I am on. Was going to give it a three month trial but don’t think I can hack it as it is getting me down so much.

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      @Lolly Firstly, welcome to ShootUp.

      I’m not sure from your post whether you’re still on beef insulin or whether you moved off that when you changed to pens? If you did, I wonder whether the switch to human insulin is causing some of your problems – this isn’t uncommon. IDDT are the gurus when it comes to switching between human and animal insulin – if you have switched, it might be worth having a read of their site to see if you think any of your issues have been caused by that.http://www.iddt.org/

      The other thing is remember this is your decision. If you aren’t happy and you believe that your previous regime was best for you (and that the problems were caused by stress, not the actual treatment) tell your team and be clear with them about what you want.

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