All quiet on the diabetes front

By | 26 September, 2011

Being diabetic it is easy to find things to moan about. After all, complaining about stuff has kept this blog going for the last few years and indeed where would the diabetic blogosphere be without a good rant?

That’s perhaps why Shoot Up has perhaps been a little quiet recently; I’m afraid to report that I simply don’t have that much to moan about.

To start with, I think I’ve pretty much mastered the pump. While I get the occasional double-digit reading or a minor hypo every so often, I can easily correct the former with an extra bolus and chomp down some fruit pastilles for the latter. Easy!

Likewise, my health care professionals have been great. For example, I’ve been meaning to get round to increasing the number of test strips I get on my prescription from three tubs a go to five. But being inherently lazy I just haven’t done it. However, my GP clearly read my mind and adjusted my prescription for me – without me asking. Obviously they had been seeing lots of repeat prescriptions for strips and decided to up it for their and my convenience. The first I heard about it was when my pharmacist presented me with more strips.

Speaking of my pharmacist, I’ve got a great arrangement with him. When I’m close to running out of stuff I text him saying “Get me more smack! T”. He knows what I use and just goes ahead and orders it from the doctor. A few days later I’ll pop round and pick up my supplies. If said doctor hasn’t returned my prescription he’ll just advance me what I need and sort out the paperwork later. He also doesnโ€™t mind me stealing the lollipops on his counter. Bonus!

Up the hospital things are also good. Being part of a pump clinic now my 6 monthly visits are attended by me (obviously), my specialist nurse, my consultant and the dietician. All are very helpful, knowledgeable and we have a good chat about all things diabetes. Appointments run smoothly and could only be improved if they actually had them in my office, to save me trekking up to the Royal Infirmary but I can live with that.

So there we have it – life with diabetes can run smoothly and can be relatively straightforward. Who’d have thought it?

19 thoughts on “All quiet on the diabetes front

  1. Tim Post author

    No comments? Do people prefer stories about misery and despond? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If it makes everyone feel any better I did manage to rip out an infusion set this morning by accident. It was quite sore.

  2. lizz

    You ripped out your infusion set? OW! That sounds horrible.

    Anything else nasty to report? I feel a little hard done by. I need to hear of your suffering and hiccups to make my own diabetic life seem more normal. Now look what you’ve done. I feel like a freak.

  3. Tim Post author

    Sorry @Lizz I do *try* to screw up my diabetes care for my readers’ entertainment but I’ve been sadly failing recently. I’m sure I’ll have a return to form soon.

    I quite often tear out infusion sets – I normally catch the tubing on doorhandles as I rush about the place.

    1. Cecile

      ’tis very easy to get – put soppy pillow in 100ยฐC degree oven & forget about it…until a lovely toasty aroma beckons you back. In your 40yr career as diabetic, have you never cooked your goose down?

      1. lady up north

        I can just imagine the insurance claim: Damage to house, caused by over cooked pillow claimant thought was a cake while suffering from hypoglycemic hallucination.

        1. Cecile

          @ladyupnorth: I never would claim…fire would’ve taken care of the fungi that erupted thanks to the cloud of steam that hung about in the kitchen all evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. katherine cromwell

    Perhaps we should make up incidents and vote on the ones which are credible or not depending upon your sanity.

    1. Mike

      Annette, the most amazing things can happen when you are high too *sniff* *snif*
      Ooops, wrong blog!

  5. Tim Post author

    @mustard – I’ve heard so many mad hypo stories that pretty much anything could be feasible….!

  6. Diana Maynard

    Ripping out infusion sets – I always tuck all spare infusion set tubing away under my clothes. Door handles, small children and animals are a nightmare otherwise. Only ever ripped out a set twice in 12 years, and both of them involved someone else accidentally getting their hand caught in it.

  7. Tim Post author

    You have to remember Diana that I’m an idiot! I *could* tuck away all the tubing and prevent door-handle-ripping-out incidents but I don’t. I let my tubing all hang out. You would have thought I would have learned by now… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Martyn Pridmore

    I always seem to be pretty lucky on the infusion-set-ripping-out front. As in, it’s never happened, despite my invariable clumsiness and many jerk-back door handle/table corner/ somehow-caught-in-chair moments
    In fact, whenever I have a near miss of sorts, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how springy my tubing is ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure I could bungee off it if I had the (suicidal?) urge!
    I’m not sure why, but my infusion set seems solid as a rock – I don’t understand how some people barely manage 3 days?

    1. Tim Post author

      Hi Martyn – welcome to Shoot Up! Now that you’ve said you never get your tubing caught, I bet tonight you get it wrapped round a lamppost in a freak pumping accident. Diabetic Sod’s law!


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