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      I kid you not…

      Anyone else see that fantastic item on BBC Breakfast about an Assistance Dog trained to detect hypo and hyperglycaemia in a hypo-unaware child by differences in her scent? When the girl was dancing away at a holiday disco and her levels were falling towards the ‘collapse-on-the-floor’ point the dog popped under the table and fetched out her blood glucose meter!

      Apparently any dog could theoretically be trained. Chuck away your Dexcoms and get your family pooch to the trainers…

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      Dog? If they could do this with a mouse I would be impressed.

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      Annette A

      But how would the mouse make you aware of the problem? It’d have a job fetching the bg meter…

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      Its impressive I havent even got hubby trained to detect my hypos yet

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      I’m going to have to dispose of my current sleeping partner first: her forebear- and bull-baiters hail from Staffordshire and her interest in adrenaline fumes rate far behind fascination with secretions from her own anal gland. Even if she is a lousy hypo alarmist, she might be utilised to lug around antidote.

      (Which a mouse couldn’t…maybe a pack rat would be better, while still guaranteed to give you a peep {at your BG})

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      Woof! Tim’s training me up to be canine hypo detector!

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      @neville: So every time you see a mouse, you call the Kat? (the stripy one?)

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