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      As is evident from the Shoot Up nights out, us diabetics like a glass or seven of wine. How does the demon booze effect your diabetes?

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      Annette A

      Begin pedant routine: That’ll be affect then. Booze affects you, but has an effect on you. End pedant routine ;-)
      Small amounts of booze(yes, they do exist!) have pretty much no effect on me. But above a certain level, it stops my digestion working. (No, I don’t know why, but that is what appears to happen.) Hence I stop absorbing carbs, and as the alcohol effect kicks in, I go massively and long term hypo. So I’m a bit drunk, and alot hypo. This can last for 5-6 hours, during which time I can drink as much lucozade as I like, but it doesnt touch my bg. Then eventually, enough glucose is absorbed in some way to start my system up again, and I stop being hypo. I usually throw up a few times for good measure, but not through non-sobriety.
      All of the above explains why I no longer drink more than a couple of glasses at a time (sob).

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      Complete nightmare for me, initially caused silly hypos all over the place. In the end I couldn’t be bothered and went non-alcoholic. On the bright side that means extra cash to spend on manbags.

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      Annette A

      @Alex – true, not drinking much or at all means you have alot more cash to spare (on clothes and books in my case). And a lot of incriminating photos to use for blackmail purposes the morning after the night before (evil grin).

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      By the time I was diagnosed near the end of my aborted university career, I already knew that vast amounts of alcohol causes emesis – something insulin is more than capable of doing all by itself, so I’ve been SAB¹ing along since then (a small muscadel-glass of red wine is enough to tipsify me, anyway)… my one brief moment of ethanol-induced hypoglycaemia came after sipping a tot of
      href=””>Hakkiesdraad mampoer. I now know that ethanol is a toxin that is ushered along to your potato² immediately after ingestion, where it buggers up liberation of glucose from said potato’s starch³.

      As far as shooting up for booze, that only goes for stuff that contains a bit of starch (340ml of Windhoek Lager= 14g carbs) and sugar (120ml port=14g carbs, muscadel=12-24g carbs).

      1) Small Amounts of Booze, which down here can be coaxed to mean South African Breweries, if you’re really thirsty…
      2) A pet name for your detoxifying organ, the liver. So if your liver is a potato, beverages fermented from potatoes should be cleared of alcohol and can be guzzled by the gallon ;)
      3) Botanic version of glycogen.

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      Hairy Gnome

      Despite the fact that my body is a rotunda rather than a temple, I’ve not been a big drinker for the last thirty or forty years, so booze has never really figured in my diabetes regime. @ckoei – I can’t honestly say I have a pet name for my liver Cecile, but I’m sure that if I did it wouldn’t be Potato, maybe Laurence or Lester, but definitely not Potato!

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      @teloz: For a butler that tidies up the rotund manor, Laurence&Lester might suffice, but as far as referring to something below that stores carbohydrates, nothing hits the spot like Spud! (If it comes to shape, Sweet Potato would be more accurate, especially if you add butter/fat and treacle/bile salts…)

      Oh, and usually I ensure that the alcohol (flirtatious hussy!) I use is chaperoned by some food; I’ve no idea what to do when consuming a brewery’s worth at the pub…

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