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      Brett asks: UK friends… If someone, who HAPPENED to be diabetic, were considering transplanting to your country from the States… What can you tell me about NHS’s coverage for pump supplies?

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      Annette A

      If you’ve got a pump, they’ll (theoretically) cover your supplies (provided its a UK available pump) if you qualify for NHS treatment. (An instance where a diabetic child was in the States when diagnosed, given a pump, and then when the family relocated back here, the child’s pump was taken on no questions asked –

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      I think most pumps are available in the UK. If our US-blogging friends are anything to go by, we get all the cool pumps and stuff in Europe while they remain on the ancient technology while the FDA does its approval thing very, very slowly.

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      Pump brands I don’t think there will be a problem with but I know that some of the USA models aren’t available in the UK as I think the animas one I looked at hasn’t been released over here.

      I wouldn’t worry about consumables (insulin & infusion sets) but maintenance & faults might be a bit of a problem if its a non supported model.

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