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My basal rates at the moment:

0000 1.500
0400 2.050
0800 1.650
1000 2.925
1100 4.700
1200 9.275
1400 10.825
1500 10.000
1600 6.525
1700 1.475
1900 1.650
2100 1.975

*waits for the gasp of shock* ;)

I feel I should point out the caveat that I’m on steroids on the moment, and most of the swing I have is to deal with the massive peak of insulin resistance I get in the afternoon when they kick in. Before I started on the steroids my basals ranged from about 1.1 U/hr to 1.9 U/hr. I know other people who have a massive rise in the morning to cope with dawn phenomenon. My diabetes clinic are very much of the opinion that whatever level of insulin you need to keep your BG in range is what’s right for you, and everyone is different.