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    I’m not sure about pulling it off without pulling off the sensor, but I’ve seen some people cut out a bit of card or something, and then put that over the sensor and then the tape over that. I’ve also seen people […]

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    He has already appointed himself Chief Pump Investigator!

    I would like to say that I’m sure Shoot Up readers are of a different class but, well… 😛

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    I’m personally disappointed to know that you have not been cured – I was hoping you were going to say you had been and share your secret with us all (it’s cinnamon, isn’t it?

    I have also created a tiny human! […]

  • This is an excellent point. Though I feel both are partly to blame. Yelling “CARTER AND BANTING!!!” seems a little long though. Perhaps I’ll just go with how I’m feeling at the time…

  • The next time I am subject to one of these irritations I know I can comfortably rage “BANTING!!!” at the sky and shake my fist, in the style of Wrath of Khan. 😀

  • I’ll have you know that I am always right, about everything!*

    But then I also agree with most of the points made in the comments, so does that mean that everyone else it right too? Maybe it’s just ShootUp […]

  • Oooh Data! I love comparing data! Here’s mine (please note I am apparently weird and a bit backward according to my hospital…):

    Basal 1:
    00 – 02 0.75
    02 – 04 1.4
    04 – 06 0.75
    06 – 08 1.1
    08 – 11 […]

  • Ohhh…I’ve been coveting the mysugr app for a while, but unfortunately I’m one of those Android types, and they still don’t have it available yet 🙁 *waits not-so-patiently*

  • Wow – that is really impressive! Your strategy worked really well 🙂 I really can’t imagine how people deal with things like this on MDI!

  • Hi Donald, I use Diasend and I definitely didn’t need a rep or DSN to set it up – can’t quite remember what I did though! If you click on the log in does it give you the option to register? Are you doing it via the website?

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    There are two that I’ve used and found quite useful – OnTrack and BG Monitor. They each have pros and cons, but I’m using BG Monitor at the moment as I like the charts it produces, and it gives you nice rolling […]

  • This is the part that I’m really not looking forward to – everything else is going to be difficult, but I can already hear the conversations I’m going to have, especially trying to get liver doctors, diabetes […]

  • Lol! In short, it’s similar to what Alison has written in her last section – control. With diabetes, I can see what’s going on with blood testing, and I can take action, whether it’s by insulin, food, or something […]

  • First of all: Congratulations on the baby news! I think I missed it earlier but I was so pleased to read about your news 🙂 (And on a completely selfish note, I’ll be following your diabetes/pregnancy story with […]

  • 3 minutes 6 seconds! Damn!

    On an animas, with everything in front of me but nothing opened, up to filling the canula at the end…

    (I’m sure the fact that I hit a blood vessel and had to change the site […]

  • Oh dammit, I just did one this morning! Though it was a very lazy one, since I was checking my emails at the same time so I would never have won…

    (Delicate medical procedure! HA!)

  • “I was watching Sir Steve Redgrave carrying the Olympic torch, and my main interest was trying to spot where he’d hidden his pump.”

    This made me laugh, because I did the exact same thing!

    I am totally a […]

  • omg you’ve never lived!!!!! The added joy of getting to pick between two infusion sets on those wonderful set change days is just amazing…* *disclaimer: am high on painkillers as a result of toothache, so any statements made may be complete rubbish In all seriousness, I usually get two different sets in my delivery, mainly […]

  • These are the kinds of things that I wish more people understood about diabetes – you can control the amount of food, the amount of insulin, exercise etc, but you just can’t control things like stress or hormones or your body’s response to it! I work in a biochemistry lab, and there have definitely been […]

  • I tend to leave my old set in for a couple of hours, so this isn’t one I’ve personally done. I have, however, lost count of the number of times I’ve pressed the buttons on the set whanger in thing (TM) only to discover that I forgot to take the plastic off the sticky bit… […]

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