Poll results – who’s best for advice

By | 14 June, 2010
One Doctor who's more popular than most Doctors

One Doctor who's more popular than most Doctors

Well, I’m afraid it’s that time of the month again – poll results day. Last month regular-contributor Caroline wanted to know “if you could have in-depth conversations about diabetes care with someone, which do you think would have the most beneficial effect on your care and management?”

I think you’ll agree that this was a far more insightful question than the usual rubbish we put up on the poll, so thanks to Caroline for her input. Anyway, the results were revealing, with diabetes specialist nurse and fellow diabetic tying for first place – both a long way ahead of the other options. The rather whimsical option of supreme deity with magic wand ranked well, with 25% of the vote. Showing that us diabetics are willing to try anything to improve our care.

Surprisingly / not surprisingly (delete as applicable) the option for doctor or consultant came equal bottom with absolutely no votes. Not one single reader over the last four weeks thought their doctor or consultant could have any useful input into their diabetes care. Ouch! Very ouch, in fact.

This, in my view, is probably fair. While some doctors and consultants are excellent with diabetes – my consultant up the Royal Infirmary is very good for example – I think most of us have experienced the crappy end of a generalist who thinks they know better than someone who has lived with their chronic diabetes for 20-odd years. While it would be mad to suggest the patient is always right, some doctors really do need to understand that us diabetics do actually know quite a lot about diabetes and certainly a great deal about our own conditions.

This has been clearly reflected in the poll results. Those that are at the coal face of diabetes care – specialist nurses and, of course, diabetics themselves – are the people who really, properly, completely understand living with a chronic condition day in day out, every day for years. Through this understanding they are therefore best positioned to help diabetics improve their healthcare. So hurrah for DSNs and hurrah for us diabetics!

Moving on to this month’s poll; we’re asking what frustrates you most about diabetes?

  • Hypos
  • Hypers
  • Lack of equipment
  • Sometimes the utter illogicality of it all
  • No cure, ever
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Nothing, I love diabetes

You can vote over the right there.

Last month’s results in full:

  • diabetes specialist nurse (36%)
  • fellow diabetic (36%)
  • supreme deity with magic wand (25%)
  • friends and family (2%)
  • doctor or consultant (0%)
  • local elected politician (0%)

18 thoughts on “Poll results – who’s best for advice

  1. Annette A

    I’m going to be difficult again…Can we have an option along the lines of the illogicality of it all – just when you think you’ve got it covered, it all changes and all the levels go out the window.

  2. Annette A

    Aw, thanks. One day, I will vote in one of these polls without asking for my own personal answer first. One day…

  3. Tim

    I look forward to it! Tell you what, I give full responsibility to you for coming up with next month’s poll – drop me an email with it when you’ve come up with something!

  4. Charlie

    well if it’s a poll about how many times you’ve ended up in hospital then I’ve won hands down (just back from the pub on a rare night out – usually drink at home on my own with husband and child unaware) I’m in the 30+ times category – not useful or good, but I live in the realy diabetic world… bugger!

  5. Hairy Gnome

    @Tim – I have to say, I love these polls almost as much as I love the whole blog! I sent a link to the site to my SDN, I notice she hasn’t posted, but I look forward to hearing what she thinks of it, (she’ll probably love it ‘cos she’s mad as a box of frogs anyway!) You and Alison must make sure you keep up the good work!

  6. Tim

    @teloz – ah, thanks very much! Glad you like the site – I hate very, single minute of it. I laugh on the outside to hide the tears on the inside!

  7. Hairy Gnome

    @Tim – I can feel your pain my friend, but, sadly, “into every life a little rain must fall”. I can only admire your stoicism, your courage, your strength of mind to continue against such adversity, such emotional pain. Your heroism will be recorded for posterity and your fame will be writ large on the pages of history! Your name will be spoken with awe by the children of tomorrow, and whispered with reverence in the corridors of power. Arise Sir Tim!

    (Sadly, I will only be remembered for my capacity to write utter bullshit! ;-))

  8. Mike

    Tough choice. Couldn’t quite manage to select both hypo and hyper. Actually for me I think it’s that the ‘target range’ we need to aim for is a little tiny space just next to coma and death. In planning terms I think this was a bad move.

  9. Tim

    @mike – indeed – if the acceptable BG range was 0.5 to 20.0, life would be considerably easier 😉

  10. Tim

    Blimey – we’ve got one vote for “I love diabetes”! I’m going to have to check through the logs to see who that was…!

  11. Mike

    I can conclusively say that it was not me. Hope you worked that one out over the weekend. Would love to know who “loves the betes”.. 🙂

  12. Katie

    From a non diabetic I was quite surprised that friends and family rated so low on the poll….

    1. Tim

      @katie – mmm, it is quite low really isn’t it? Especially given quite a lot of partners know almost as much about diabetes as the “sufferer”. I know you do!


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