Soaraway ShootUp is number 1 in the UK

Your soaraway ShootUp is celebrating being named the number 1 UK diabetes blog. Hurrah!Number 1!

Tim and Alison were keen to mark this momentous event in some way, although I have convinced them that perhaps a short blog post would be more appropriate than their original plan of introducing a £500 a year membership fee to allow readers to continue to benefit from their pearls of genius-like wisdom and wit.

At this point, this dog will conveniently gloss over the fact that the list they came top of was compiled by a PR agency, the purpose of which no doubt is to help suppliers of diabetes tat to identify which bloggers to harass first. The agency claim they looked at the quality of ShootUp’s posts, not just the volumes, so for the sake of our co-writers egos this dog will choose to believe them!

In a rarer, more modest moment, Tim and Alison did both mention that they would like to thank all their readers who while away their hours on ShootUp, reading the rubbish the pair of them regularly spout. And a really big thank you to those who stop this being a one way street and who take the time to share the wisdom of their insulin soaked brain cells through the comments and forums.

Please join us in celebrating ShootUp’s number 1 spot before this dog starts weeping, Oscar style.

17 thoughts on “Soaraway ShootUp is number 1 in the UK

  1. Tim

    @Alison – I couldn’t agree more! What would we do without Neville and Nugent? Not have any news, that’s what!

  2. Katie

    whoopie, I know it’s the number 1 Blog and I am not a PR agency either… mind you shootup is my PR agency, if you haven’t already heard of 😉

  3. Paul

    Congratulations and long may you continue being number one!

    If you get too many tat peddlers bothering you I suggest getting @nugent to run a piece mentioning he tapped Steve redgrave’s phone so he could get an interview with him.

  4. Paul

    @annamac just looked at your blog & i’ll be sure to come back again y’all but the low carbs, high exercise thing scares the heck outta me!

  5. Tim

    @annamac – Thanks Anna! It’s not the position that matters, or being on the list, it’s writing about diabetes. (But I do say this from the magnanimous and brilliant position of being magnificently at the top of the list. Go Shoot Up! Go Shoot Up! Go Shoot Up!)

  6. Tim

    Anyway, so why aren’t we doing the £500 membership fee? Sounds like a great idea to me! 🙂

  7. Rohan

    Well done, I’ll have to check with my bank before any further discussion of this membership fee though! 😉

  8. Christine

    Hello Tim and Alison, congratulations on your super soaraway #1 award! I’ve recorded your triumph on my own little website, which did not trouble the judges in this contest because it is so puny compared to yours (but I’m not bitter…) Well done!


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