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Annette A

Well, I eat pretty low carb (not the ‘official’ definition of low carb – but I restrict to less than 100 cho per day – less than that and I have problems with my exercise levels), I eat loads of fruit and veg, I eat oats and flaxseed (another supposedly cholesterol olowering food). I use soy milk (unsweetend, so no carbs) in everything except tea/coffee (dont like the taste there) – again, supposedly cholesterol lowering. I snack on all the healthy stuff – seeds, nuts, olives, soy beans, etc. I eat very little meat or cheese (I do eat eggs). And my cholesterol is going up. Not currently on medication, but almost certain to be so within a couple of years. Nothing I do seems to affect it. Some people just have high cholesterol, and nothing ‘natural’ yet found can help, its drugs or high. (My dad had very high cholesterol. I mean VERY high. He went for tests because he had ‘growths’ on his elbow. They turned out to be his body’s way of getting rid of the excess cholesterol, and now he’s back down at normal levels, they’ve virtually disappeared. He ate healthily (ish). Was put on drugs, took a couple of years to get down to ‘normal levels’. I think it really is a case of YDMV. Or perhaps YCholesterolMV)