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Highest was 40-something when diagnosed 23 years ago, felt awful for weeks and the final straw for my mum was when I lost over a stone in weight in a week. In hosp that night they told my parents if I hadn’t been admitted I’d have died in the next 48 hours…. nice!

I had plenty of HI readings on my meter when I actually bothered to test at uni (thought if I ignored diabetes it would go away… it didn’t!) and recently had a 34, 3 days after going on the pump when the cannula didn’t insert properly.
Scarily only the diagnosis one gave me any real symtoms other than just being ‘a bit thirsty’. :-(

Lowest and still concious, was 1.2, sat at my desk in work, things looked a bit blurry on my screen and I felt a bit tired! Not good. Other times I can be 3.9 and have a full on cold sweat, blurred vision and the shakes.

I’ve been unconcious and low but never known how low – just woken up (only ever happened at night/early morning) to find 2 blokes in green jumpsuits standing over the bed with a flashing blue-lighted van outside, a very concerned looking boyfriend and a glucose drip in my arm :-( Last one of those was about 4 years ago and I don’t fancy another one thanks.