We’re all going on a summer holiday

By | 9 July, 2010
Bring your bucket and spade

Bring your bucket and spade

Well chaps, your soaraway Shoot Up is off on its summer holidays – so no blog posts for a fortnight, I’m afraid. However, you can still get your Internet-related diabetes-fix over on the forums or by commenting on older articles.

If you fancy a holiday from diabetes stuff and want some silliness then why not check out this Facebook page and become a fan!

See you in a fortnight and behave yourselves!

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Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Abbott's Libre flash glucose monitor.

7 thoughts on “We’re all going on a summer holiday

  1. Mike

    Hols! Did not know your were allowed to holiday.. Me gotta a mini break planned, as you know involving sharp things and bandages..

    Any where nice planned? Well wherever you are heading hope you have a super safe and happy travels.. 😉

    See you in a few!

  2. Charlie

    Remember to stay safe on holiday – wear a knotted handkerchief on your head at all times to avoid heatstoke, and socks with your sandals – you know “us diabetics” must look after our feet!
    Stay away from funny foreign foods so you don’t upset your stable blood sugars – stick to battered deep fried haggis (that’s what you usually eat, right?) – washed down with iron bru (or lucozade in an emergency…)
    Take a copy of “Balance” magazine for holiday entertainment – you wouldn’t want to miss out on a holiday romance with someone from the penpals page.. Ah holidays!! Have fun! Return safe – we’ll miss you…

  3. Tim Post author

    Top tips there Charlie!

    I’m not actually going away away, I’m just taking a break from updating the site (it is quite a lot (well, a bit) of work, so a brief holiday is called for to give me a bit of time to work on some other projects of mine. Alison is actually away, enjoying the sun and sea in Turkey!

  4. Charlie

    In which case – “have a kit-kat”* and some well deserved time off.
    *other confectionary items are available

  5. Cecile

    Unfortunately, it’s too late to incite @alison to try out some salep dondurmaand give us feedback on its carb content…Mr. McGee does give a DIY recipe in the article, so come on, @tim, for a holiday project, employ some elbow grease and concoct something that’s much “cooler” than deep fried haggis!

  6. Hairy Gnome

    Ooooooh! Deep fried haggis! I used to love haggis and chip suppers whenever I visited Scotland… happy memories!


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