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Hairy Gnome

What a level headed lot you are! Well, I suppose I’d better put my two-pennyworth in. The truth of the matter is that I agree entirely with the first reaction from @Tim and @stephen. To do otherwise, I think, is taking you along a path towards choosing the genetic make up of the child, an idea I find quite repulsive. I don’t believe in termination as a form of contraception either, there’s absolutely no need for it, especially when the ‘morning after’ pill can be bought over the counter at the pharmacy, but I also appreciate mistakes can happen.

What I do believe in though, is the right to choose, especially for the mother. I don’t for a minute think any reasonable woman would terminate a pregnancy for diabetes, but for something like Spina Bifida, or Downes Syndrome, I can see why she may choose to go that route, particularly when it’s almost certain that the care of the disabled child would fall almost totally on her. I do know that some women have carried their child to term even knowing s/he was going to be disabled, and I applaud their courage.

So what I’m saying is that I believe it should be a woman’s right to choose whether or not to take such tests, and whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. The psychological fallout of a termination must be horrendous (my wife had two miscarriages, that was bad enough. She got over them eventually, but it was rough for her, a concious decision to terminate must be far worse), and I believe it is the job of the father to support her in her decision 100%. To be truthful, I could have written a whole essay on this subject, but I guess Tim would have me eviscerated and hung from a lamppost! :)